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Timing chain question

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I know this question isn't for a Yamaha but this forum has the very knowledgeable people so I figured this is the place to ask.

I came into a 81 xr200r for 100$ in which the PO had torn the engine apart and gave up leaving it in boxes. I managed to fully rebuild the engine up to the cam. The PO had bought a cylinder/piston kit for it that was a bit oversized. It says 250cm on the cylinder but fit perfectly on the 200 engine till I got to getting the timing chain on the cam gear. It falls around a inch short. I'm guessing this is because the new cylinder is alittle taller but my question is
A: will finding a slightly longer timing chain effect the timing?
B: although I don't know the demensions of the OEM cylinder if this is taller am I going to loose all compression since the stroke on the rod won't be long enough?
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What engine is the taller cylinder off of/bought for, any idea?
The link says the cylinder "may be big" for that engine, and others.
I think it's a language barrier and an incorrect part.
It's listed for multiple engines of various displacement too(as multiple bore and stroke combinations can equal the same overall displacement).
I think the manufacturer just assumed that cylinder would work on more models than it actually does.
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