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Tire Mounting Help

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Hey All,

I recieved some sand stars in the mail and the person who sold them to me had to let alot of air out so they would fit in the box. They might have let too much air out. WHen I pump them up to 6 psi they are down to 2psi a few hours later. They dont look like the are that the wheel seals with the tire is very sealed Is that the bead? So basically my question is how can i re seal them back on the wheel? Slime? Remount? What?

I might also try some slime.

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Before ruining the chance of repair with Slime you might try filling a tub or sink with water, inflating the tire and putting it into the tub/sink. Then look for where the air bubbles are coming from.
the tire is probably not seated right. read the max. bead seat pressure on the side. its like 35psi i think. blow them up to that, put a little sime inthem and you should be fine.
Also check wehre the valves go through some times they get cut there by sharp edges.
OK... I will try that. America's Tire, the local tire store, said that they would pop them off and re set them free of charge.

dont put slime in em, heard of alot of peoblems runnin slime in ur tires..just my .02
Also, check the valve cores for leaks. Hell, just replace them. They're only like $0.12 each.
So heres the deal. I took them to the tire repair store and they said that they weren't seated properly. So they popped them off and put them back on, but in the midst of all of this when they went to put the first tire on they put the rim in their machine and went to put it on and folded the rim lip in about a good few inches. LOL he was really cool about it and is ordering a new one from this dealer he knows or from rockymountain. He was again really cool about it and took care of it for free. It's really good customer service for their mistake.

Wow, at least he's making good on the mistake!! I buy my car tires from Belle Tire, they mounted my tires for $10 a pair 2 years ago. Now they mount mine for free, gotta love cust. service like that. :grin_nod:
Yeah. He was really good about making it right. I was glad it went the way it did.
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