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trans sloppiness

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I have an 02 660 that the trans is starting to feel sloppy in. What all is required to get the fresh feel back into it. I put a direct shifter on it this last year hoping that it was slop in the shifter linkage, but didnt help too much. Im kind of not wanting to tear into the motor due to my common snowballing problem. Where once im in, i might as well put all new of everything in there. Then I have a ton of money dumped into something that isnt woth a dollar more than when i started. Any ideas for me, or is it time to think about trading it in for something new.
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I would tare it down or have it tore down and rebuilt/replace any wore parts/gears. It is worth the money to fix/rebuild it. Trust me it`s always worth it to have fresh parts. Even thou it wont make it worth much if you every trade it in you know that you have a new/good trans. Not so bad to tare it down here`s a good link and with it an the factory manlue and a bunch tools you should be able to do it all your self or just send your engine or bottom end to ripper and he could go into it and rebuild and put back togather. Wish i could afford to go into the engine to look and replace thangs if needed but my luck knock on wood my trans is still strong with no problems.
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