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TRX450ER OEM Headlight Switch Wiring

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hey guys,

im installing an LED Light bar on a buddies 07 TRX450ER. i have the lightbar mounted and the harness ran from the battery including a relay, fuse, etc. the only thing i have to do is splice it into the oem switch, which my buddy wants to happen. i did this to my 04 Raptor 660 and its nice to be able to retain the factory start, kill, and light switches without having to add any more switches. coming from the harness, which was originally plugged into a rocker switch, i have a 12v hot, ground, and accessory(switch for relay). coming from the oem headlight switch theres, ground, high beam, and low beam wires. where do i have to splice the wires coming from the harness in order to make it work with the oem switch? i have been poking around with a test light and a DMM, but i cannot figure this out. attached is the wiring diagram for theTRX450ER.

also heres a link to the actual PDF.


thanks in advance.


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