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Paul at Impulse Turbos sent me this pic of the new RZR turbo kit.

Impulse RZR900XP Race Turbo System features:

Front mount externally wastegated and intercooled RZR900XP turbo system

Tial/Garrett 28RS ball bearing turbocharger with V-band turbine inlet and outlet

321 SS heavy wall turbo manifold, built for power, turbo response, and reliability

Tial 38mm V-band wastegate exits into 1 ½” 304 SS downpipe with flex coupling

3” 304 SS V-band exhaust with flex coupling, optional muffler can be added

Tial 50mm Q BOV with 2.25” 6061 charge piping

Cage mounted intercooler with intake air temp sensor, ECU adjusts fuel and ignition timing according to air inlet temperature

Impulse V2 ECU, fully waterproof, specifically built by us for Impulse turbo kits

Complete spark and fuel control; full sensor EFI system with closed loop 02 feedback

Rev limit raised to 9000 RPM (can be factory set to any desired limit up to 10,500 RPM)

Optional launch control, electronic boost control, and dual maps (example: 91 octane/110 octane maps)

Optional COP (coil on plug) coils available

Boost based ignition timing: timing is retarded from the factory RZR900XP’s extremely aggressive top end ignition advance allowing turbocharging on the stock compression ratio

750cc injectors replace the factory injectors

Clutch cooling intakes from the stock location

3” cone filter inlet with water repellent prefilter, draw air in above the bed level for wet and dusty conditions

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