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Want To Install A Twist Throttle

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I've got the kit picked out to change to a twist type throttle, do I need a larger grip to accomodate the twist throttle or will any pair from rockymountainatv.com work?
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standard grips for MX bike. Yes it does need to be bigger.
I just installed my motion pro twist the other day but I havent got to ride it yet. Ill let you know how it works when i get a chance.
Beaner242 said:
I just installed my motion pro twist the other day but I havent got to ride it yet. Ill let you know how it works when i get a chance.
Please let us know how the twist throttle go's.... I have been playing with the thought of changing mine as my thumb gets damn sore after a day of riding.... Cheers :thumbsup:
I have had a Twist Throttle on my 400EX for years and just put one on my 700. I would never use a thumb throttle again!!! Twisties ROCK!
I like them period! I have rode bikes and raced MX for years so there is really no choice! :thumbsup:
I have a motion pro twist throttle in the attic. I tried it for
about 45 minutes.NO WAY! You can really hurt your self.
On a motorcycle you dont really turn the handle bars like
a atv. I dont like it.
some people do some people dont, :thumbsup:
I hate twisties on quads. Its just different when you have to lean to one side when turning. If you lose your grip it seems like your hand wants to roll on the gas instead of letting off.
Works good when you want to avoid a sore thumb, however you will have to adjust to it. Especially on the technical trails, jumps, and when you have to stand. I had one for several months, however, I went back to stock after taking a few ugly spills. Try the thumb extension. Its cheap, adds leverage, and you can palm it. Works great!! :thumbsup:
It seems to me that the thumb throttle is much softer on a FI bike, and if it is too much you could use a softer spring. Just a thought.
Rode a guy's YFZ 450 with a twist throttle the other day at the ATV park and now I kinda have mixed emotions about it. I was used to twist throttles on dirtbikes but it felt alot different on his quad, not sure if it was the fact that I wasn't used to it or if it's not for me. Have to do some thinking before I decide.
After getting my rappy (my first quad) I was all set to go to a twist. I just couldn't control the thumb throttle when trying to go slow on bumpy trails. A bunch of guys talked me out of it. Now I don't give it a second thought. I just rolled it down a bit and it's much more comfortable.
That and I don't go slow anymore :grin_nod:
Well I got to St. Joe today at 7am and started to ride with the twist throttle. By 7:30 I was headed back home to get my thumb throttle to put back on. I grew up on motorcycles so didnt figure it would be that diff. but I just couldnt get the hang of it on the quad. So I guess I'll be putting the twisty up for sale.
So what was the problem? I couldn't imagine using a thumb throttle ever again!
mmm i think i will stay with the thumb throttle..... Sounds to be the way to go... Maybe i should start doing some thumb exercises hahaha :grin_nod:
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