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Washing my 07 Raptor 700R - Just hose it down?

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I don't see any problems with this, but thought I would ask anyway. Should I just take a hose to it and then dry it off real well?
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i know some people spray it down with simple green 1st (ill prob so the same since it always did wonders on the car)

i know ive read that pressure washers tend to tear off the decals/stickers

another thing ive read here, was that some poeple spray the plastics down with PAM (think its called that) that helps keep the mud off easy

Theres alot of more info on cleaning the raptor under the maintence section :thumbsup:
This topic has certainly been talked about at lengths, you'll find the threads in one of these subforums. I use the hose only, wash and dry. Then I let the bike warm up real good, take it for a spin around the block, lube the chain and tuck it into bed lol.

Keep the pressure washer away unless you are super careful and spread the spray out so it's not so concentrated. They will do more damage in the long run then good.
I looked for other articles, but I guess not hard enough.
just let her cool of after riding. :thumbsup:...if you spray water on the engine when its hot you could send her through thermal shock and crack the block.. :unsure:.i know a guy who did that on his dirtbike....thing started cracking and fracturing.....
And don't every pressure wash the chain. I did that once on accident and it screwup the o-rings in it. so I had to buy a new chain.
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