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Water resistant/mudding gloves question

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im shopping for all new winter mudding gear, i want to stay dry, and keep the mud/water out.

im running into a wall with the gloves. i tried on a pair of the "water resistant" gloves at my local dealer awhile back. they were really stiff feeling and bulky, not something i would be comfortable riding with unless i had a twist throttle.

im wondering if anyone has a pair of these style gloves, and how are they for riding? comfortable? flexible? keep water off your hands/shield wind? ect..

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I am interested in this as well, tired of spending as much time pressure washing my gear as my bike. :eek: I was riding with a guy on a 660 this weekend and wore hipwaders and a yellow raincoat, he was completly dry when we were done riding, socks and all. :thumbsup: I was layered up, T-shirt, sweatshirt, jersey, trackpants, riding pants and MX boots, even my underwear was soaked. :(
shouldnt get that soaked, my hands and neck are the only things getting trashed.

i wear cat steel toe boots, 3 layers of pants. first sweats, then jeans, then some thin black rain gear type pants. upper body, i wear long sleeve shirt, 2 sweatshirts, then a heavier duty waterproof columbia coat.

problem for me is, mud flys up and goes down my back, and soaks through my normal riding gloves. i also wear 3 layers of socks, last trip the rain pants stopped all the mud from getting in my boot.

if i could get a better quality hood and some gloves id be set. then i could just hose the pants/coat off. :thumbsup:
Wear a pair of nitrile gloves under an old pair of riding gloves. Your hands will stay dry, the wind won't be able to get through and nobody will be the wiser. Total cost: maybe $10 for a box of gloves.

Nitrile is what EMTs wear to keep blood and other fluids off their skin; water is just another fluid.
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