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went to change my front sprocket

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i pulled the cover off and started to take the nut off..well i had to stand on the brake and push the ratchet down with my foot..it started to come off but it was hard the whole time till it came off the shaft..well i looked at the nut and all the threads are fucked..the ones on the shaft are still good but the nut is screwed..anyone had this happen..now i have to find a nut before this weekend anyone know i good place to get one..ive called all the local shops and no one has them
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i doubt anyone would stock that nut. should take a week or so to get one in from your dealer. maybe if you know someone with a warrior or yfz those might fit.
i found one and had to 2nd day it...
cant remember a friend ordered it for me
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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