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WHAT DID U DO TO YOUR 700r TODAY?! for the day to day stuff

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SO what did u do to you bike today???
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Nice, I need that trailtech mount. We have the same bike. I posted my new exhuast not that long ago in this thread.
I installed the Trail Tech Vapor with the billet mount the DRW belly skid and case saver and had the ITP 22” rear tires installed on my new 2022. View attachment 143060 View attachment 143061 View attachment 143062
Went to my local dealer to pick up a new spark plug for my raptor and was checking out a 23 SE they had on the floor. Is this how all the American assembled quads look? I don’t think any of the Japanese ones were this sloppy. The frame as a whole looked awful, there were tiny black specs covering the whole thing and lots of spots that got missed with paint

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Can't speak for everyone but I have noticed the coating on my 23 SE is also extremely sloppy and actually made it difficult to get an aftermarket chain guide on because the coat was extremely thick in a place even though it seems to be missing in other places.
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Got my machine ready for the short Northern California season. We had a very wet winter so my spring season was cut short but man we needed the water. Raining and 58 last weekend and 96 today! Pulled the girl out..put the battery in, fresh tank of 91, checked air pressure and gave her a wash. Going to Lake Shasta tomorrow...the Lake is 3 feet from the spillway...the highest I remember seeing it. I'll post pics tomorrow. Including a picture today of my Elka rear shock reservoir mount. Dual exhaust makes it tricky.
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Got to try out these SunF A036 tires yesterday. Been wanting a pair of "snow" tires since trying out a set of Maxxis 4Snow's last winter. These are labeled as sand/snow and I'm also hoping to get to Silver Lake this summer so pulled the trigger on these. Mounted em last week and brought them with on our little wheeling excursion yesterday. Turned out the place we went was really sandy so I threw these on for a little bit. So worth it. The hookup was noticeably better than the Holeshots I have on usually.

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