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Alright, i need to know around what jets i should be using. I got the gytr kit but i don't remember what jets i put in. Would the dynojet kit work for me? It says lightly modded. My mods are:
686cc JE 10.5:1 compression
Stage 2 Hot Cam
Oversized center intake valve
3 angle valve job
Kibblewhite springs
Yoshimura stainless full exhaust
Pro Flow K&N kit w/ lid off
ported head and matched intake boots

Oh and i'm at 3,200 feet. I think thats everything. Thanx!!

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DJ recommends something like 146/148 @ sea level for a no-lid piped bike and their jet kit only comes with mains up to 150 so my guess is you won't get the jets you need.

Let me say that porting will drastically change fuel needs compared to oem or other types of porting. That said you can probably get a good starting point. I ran 180/185 with a similar, unported setup at 500'. I'd suggest that as a jumping off point for the mains and middle clip on aftermarket needles or one slot richer on oem needles. Even with the elevation you're probably better off with 25 pilots.
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