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What shoudl i Do

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ok dont laugh but on my last ryde i didnt torque my oil drain plug and it ended up falling.out. luckily ia guy i was riding with noticed the oil leakign out b4 it grenaded. My question is i know all teh oil has been drained out, what is the best way to get oil to the head without startign it up. i woudl liek to prime the system (i think thats what its called). Do i just remove my plug and turn it over for a minute or what?
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Yep pull the plug and fill the oil tank and turn it over a couple of time, add more oil and repeat until you put in all your oil.
Oh ya and dont forget to put the plug in it first!! :thumbsup: ;)
thanks Yellow, i poured a little in teh cylinder first also. SOunded fine, ran it for hours saturday!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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