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what to do? (engine)

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As of right now i have an 02 raptor. It has a wiesco 11-1 piston w/ a hot cam stage 1 cam, uni filter, and a full dmc alien exhaust (12 tooth front sprocket). Ive had this set up for 4 years now, and well its getting old. Im not sure weather or not i should go big bore, or just get a 12-1 je piston(stock bore), stage 2 cam, port and polish w/ k&n pro flow kit. How much wear and tear do you think has happened in 4 years. I am mainly a weekend rider. Should i keep my set up and just replace gaskets and wore parts but i would still port and polish it. Im not sure what to do, any input would be great

suspension is done. execpt for extended swing arm
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