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Want to put in a JE or Wisco 11 to 1 or 12 to 1 stage 2 came stock boar with porting but the steller in Troutdale Oregon is way to high in price. I can do most of the work my self but want the porting and valves done by an expert so it might be best to just send the head out of state to have it worked over. Please let me know who and how much and and how it turned out for you :thumbsup: or :mad: I do not mind spending the money if the job is done right I just do not want to over spend as I work very hard for my money and never have as much as I want :'(

Thank You for the help
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RSR (Ronnie Saner Racing) in Hillsboro is getting a pretty good local reputation. Definitely worth a phone call.

I'm sure LRD in Wilsonville would do a good job as well.

There's a few other local options:

White Knuckle in SE Portland
Top Dawg Racing in Damascus
Holeshot Racing in Longview, WA

Time to open a phone book and make some calls ;)
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