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Who makes the injector

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Has anyone taken a close look at their injector? Does Yamaha make it? Denso? Bosch?

Anyone know what size it is?

I need a larger injector for my quad.
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I believe it's a Bosch, I don't know the exact size or LB per hr. The Yamaha number is INJECTOR ASSY 5VK-13761-00-00 I haven't been able to come up with anything yet but I am looking. Have you talked with MSD to see if they have something yet?
Thanks Randy. Ive been so busy I havent done much research. I sent an email to RC engineering and Dynojet, but got no response.

Ill check out MSD.

Ill report back when I have something.
Cool, with what I have going right now I am going to be at the duty cycle or very close to it when it's done.
The injector is made by Denso. It says so in the owner's manual. :thumbsup:
Now we are getting somewhere. Thank you William Lawn.
Is there a pressure regulator? and if so what is the stock PSI? I am wondering if you can throw a adjustable regulator on it and get the amount you need. OR you could just do a R1 swap!

Halls, ive been told I need a rising rate fuel psi regulator, larger injector and a 2 bar map sensor. I need to take a long look at the 700s fuel system and see if one of these regulators can be adapted. Ive found 3 or 4 universal ones on the net. I havent found any injectors thus far....Denso has been no help. Ive emailed Denso of Japan. They told me to contact Denso of USA> I contacted them, and they have not recieved a response.

I contaced turbokits .com and they said if I send them the injector, they can find a larger one to match or increase the flow of my injector.

In regards to the R1 swap, Yes I have thought about it, but that motor will weigh a ton more than a 700 turbo> I want a dual purpose bike to hit the whoops, drag the hills, and play dune with the group. A properly tuned 700 turbo will work better for my application. I think the R1 swap is an excellent drag bike setup.
Hey just shot an Email out to my Buddy. Hes going to ask his friend if he knows where to get these parts. These guys build buggies and turbo Hayabusa quads and also have a dealer license. If any one can find out, these guys could. :thumbsup:
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