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He is still working on it, the guy that was helping him disappeared after he got paid to build him a gas tank and do the wiring so it has just been sitting but I think that he found a guy who is going to help him out. It should be up and going before too long now.

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r1 raptor

my R1 raptor 700 convertion will soon be done in a week or two. looking to possibly sell it. searching out about what price range i can get for it.

its a 2006 raptor 700 SE. 2003 fuel injected R1 motor with 9k miles on it.

2 inch extended rear axle
yfz 450 front shocks
aluminem tie rods
+6 chromed ladder bar rear swinger
trail tech speedo
a bunch of other shit i cant remember right now

it will look very similar to raptornuts R1 convertion but wider and lower... width on rear is 50 inches... width on front is 49.5 inches

will also include a set of 12 paddle hauler extremes on douglas blue label 8 inch rims.

im looking to get 11,000 for the raptor R1

and 6500 for the yfz 501cc with everything you can almost do to the motor.

im tired of the quad world and selling everything.

also selling my 06 yfz 501cc with all the trimmings done to it.
I have one forsale too 06 raptor 700 r1 05 engine 8k
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