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wrecked stories

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theres been alot of posts about crashing so i figured id talk about mine and hopefully get a bunch of other people to chip in and tell a storie. it could be funny, a lesson, or just a quick read... why not right

so me and my buddy were riding out at maytown of I95 in central florida and we met up with a guy who had a pred for sale.. i think it was a pred anyway, cant really remember. he gets uppidy about how hes worked his buns off on this thing and how no one can ever keep up. so of course me and my buddy are like hell yea were gonna take this on, were young and stupid. so we are off and instantly he gets all over it on the trails. well when he quickly realizes that he cant keep up with are rappys, hes full of excuses on why his is having problems. so were riding everywhere we know and some places we dont. as were headed back about an hour later, we hit the main stretch and take off one last time, this time im leading and i can really get all over it for the guy, so he can turn his boat ancor in later on lol. well i leave them big time and right at the end of the trail, i hit the top of a whoop and im thrown off the side around 50mph. i have the handlebars in death grip and when i go to pull myself back on the bike, it turns and me and the rappy seperated ways. as i watch it flip over and over its head, i start flipping and end upside down agains a tree, and the quad is off in the woods. i broke the subframe, headlight, airbox, and throttle assembly. the only thing wrong with me was a pair of brand new pants torn at the special area big enought to give birth to yokozuma out of. after that i was so pissed i decided to try and do wheelies, well i sat it on its butt and dragged it on concrete for about 75 to 100ft. all in all a bad day

anyone else got any stories?
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That's the beuty of riding, the harder you push your and your machines limits the swifter the odds change out of your favor! Just be prepared......
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