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YFZ Shocks on the front, does the rear need to be adjusted?

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I seem to recall that someone said that if you installed YFZ shocks on your Raptor that you would also need to adjust the rear shock to match, is that accurate? I spun the front shocks down 11 threads. It looks like the stock setting was about 5 threads. Does that mean I have to spin the rear up? If so, how much? :3question:
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You want your ride height between 8 and 10 inches. You measure the front from the ground to the front motor mount and measure the rear to the bottom of the foot peg. You usually want your front measurement to be at least an inch higher in the front. So if you're running 8 in the rear, you want nine in the front. If you're running nine in the rear you want 10 in the front.

I was told that from the dealer that the, compression setting is set to stiff,and to back the screw all the way out,and to fine tune the rebound as needed.What do the rest of yall think?
also the rebound is to fast, its a little bouncy
Frank, I assume when you say "ride height" that is with me on it, correct?

Thanks for the feedback!!
Olg guy,

Yeah you gotta be on the machine. Sorry I forgot to add that. Good catch!


I am having trouble getting an inch difference between the front and back. I am at 10 3/4 at the front (bottom of front motor mount) and 10 1/4 in the back (bottom of foot peg). If I move the front shocks (more pre-load) it also raises the back slightly along while raising the front. I adjusted the back shock (stock shock) to nearly all the way up to the top thread. I am struggling o get more than a 1/2 inch difference.

I know you are mentioning 8-10 inches but how did you get there?

Should I raise the front higher? I am at about 13 threads down currently. If I do I might not have much sag left.

Thanks in advance.
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